Pecorine, real name Eustiana von Astraea, is a playable character in Dragalia Lost, although originating in Cygames's Princess Connect! Re:Dive. She was added to the game as part of the Princess Connect! Re:Dive: A Voracious Visitor event.

Official Description

The leader of a group called the Gourmet Guild who hails from the continent of Astraea. She is known far and wide for her ravenous appetite, and coming to another world has done nothing to dampen her hunger.


  • The events of Princess Connect! Re:Dive take place within a fictional video game called "Legend of Astrum", with the playable cast (including Pecorine) being players of the game. In the real world, Pecorine (whose real name is Eustiana) is part of the "von Astraea" royal family, who have been major investors in the Legend of Astrum game, to the point where the game's main continent was named after them. She was given the nickname "Pecorine" by Kokkoro, and she went by this name until the events of the game's second act, where she started going by her real name after being revealed to be a princess.