Peachette is a unique form of Toadette's that appears in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, obtained by grabbing the Super Crown. In this form, she highly resembles Princess Peach. However, there are differences, notably her different dress, Toad cap-like crown, gray irises, pigtails, and Toad-like shoes. In this form, Toadette is able to Double Jump, and can also perform Peach's Floating Jump, identical to how the Flying Squirrel form functions (though she cannot wall cling). Additionally, she automatically gets boosted out of any pits she falls into. However, this works only once; if Peachette attempts this again, she will fall into the pit and lose a life as a result. This effect, and the conditions of it, also applies to lava and poisonous water.

Following the version 3.1.0 update released on May 30, 2019, for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Peachette was added into the game as a primary, ace-class spirit as part of the "Super Smash Sisters" event announced on May 28, though she was accidentally revealed a week earlier on May 21. In her spirit battle, the player is required to defeat Peach, Mario, Luigi, and a Mii Brawler dressed as Toad on Mushroom Kingdom U within one minute while under the effects of low gravity and a higher launch rate.

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