Peach Gardens is a course in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. The track is mostly made up of fountains, flower beds, and large hedges arranged in a puzzle-like formation. Chain Chomps walk around taking up large portions of the road, and the racers will spin out if they hit one.



Peach Gardens as seen in Mario Kart Wii.

Mario Kart DS

Peach Gardens is a second track of Special Cup in MKDS (after Wario Stadium and before Bowser's Castle. Like the name implies, it is a garden course belonging to Peach. You may think it is very huge hedge maze with chainless Chomps. These greedy monsters used item boxes as chains. It may look bit easy, but it is second difficult course in the game because its a maze and you could easily get lost. Don't worry if you are lost, you can finish the course safely by looking at a map in the bottom screen. It prevents you from getting lost so you don't give up any further.

Layout: You start behind the back of unknown building (possibly the back of Peach's Castle). You go through the green grass roundabout until you found the white bridge above the blue water (remember to be careful not to get bumped into the stray Chomp because he will make you hurt!). You then go through the thin white dust road with several flower grass trying to slow you down. But if you use items that gives you speed, this could be an helpful advantage because this will make you get past your friendly enemies instantly. You go through the plant square. Go right and you will notice the infested hedge maze. Use the map if you are completely struggling. You can get close to the Chomps because they have some item boxes for you, but don't get close to him because he will hurt you. After exiting the maze, you will go into the yellow plant square. After exiting this, you will go straightforward and notice the road got divided up into three small roads. Two narrow ones have one item box, while big road has more item boxes. You then go to muddy brown road infested by Monty Moles. Go to right and the roads changes into white path. You will notice the finish on right.

Mario Kart Wii

Peach Castle also appeared in Lightning Cup in Mario Kart Wii. There are no changes, but the Chomps are now called Chain Chomps. Because the chains replaced the line of item boxes. These ball beasts are now darker in color and they have colossal canine teeth which are even more larger than the original ones from MKDS.

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