Peach Dome is a court in Mario Power Tennis. Hence it's name, the stadium is owned by Princess Peach, with thousands of seats for spectators and fans. There are 3 options: hard court, clay court, and grass court. The Peach Dome court is ideal for beginners, because it lacks gimmicks or hazards. The court features a large TV screen showing the whole of the Peach Dome, and the spectators' seats are colored red. In Mario Power Tennis, the special game Artist on the Court takes place in this court.

The court also appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour, though it's Peach-styled as it appears pink with hearts drawn on it.

Court's statistics


  • Ball Speed: Normal
  • Bounce: Strong


  • Ball Speed: Slow
  • Bounce: Weak


  • Ball Speed: Fast
  • Bounce: Weak
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