The Peaceful Rest Valley (JP) is an area in EarthBound, visited by Ness as it is the only way to travel to Happy Happy Village from Twoson. Also, there is a shack with a jail containing Paula when first visited. This valley is connected by caves that lead to both towns.

Places of interest

The entire valley is distinctive because of its purple river. When Ness first visits the valley, the main bridge that connects the west part (the entrance from Twoson) to the middle part of the valley surrounded by the river has been destroyed, and an alternate one is found only by erasing a pencil statue.

The entire road is a set of mazes that contain L'il UFOs, Spinning Robos and Territorial Oaks. A last bridge is found to pass the remaining part of the river, and, after a curve, a cave is found. The cave leads to Happy Happy Village. From a cliff, accessible only from another entrance from said Village, one can see a shack, owned by Everdred.

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