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Patchwork is a mode in Game & Wario, hosted by Kat & Ana. The player takes pieces of cloth and puts together to resemble an object.


A set of pieces are cut from a cloth and placed next to the board of several odd outlines. The player drags the pieces to the board with the only rules being that a piece can only be placed on areas that it completely covers. Each difficulty has 30 puzzles with every 10 rewarding a token for the Cluck-A-Pop. The mode has 2 help options; a check function which makes sure each piece placed on the board is in the correct position and a hint function which in exchange for 30 seconds of time being added, shows the general location of where a piece can placed


This difficulty is the simplest and unlocked at the beginning. The pieces have simpler shapes and many can fit on a single outline. Pieces only have correct spot to be placed in. After completing all 30 puzzles, medium difficulty is unlocked.


This difficulty has more pieces with more complex shapes and most pieces have to be placed over multiple outlines. Pieces can be placed in wrong spots so, the hint function gets added. After completing all 30 puzzles, hard difficulty is unlocked.


It has the same functions as Medium difficult but with more complex pieces and more wrong spots that piece can be placed. Completing all 30 puzzles in this mode unlocks the Challenge Puzzles.

Challenge Puzzles

These are the puzzles done with a limit of 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds taking puzzles from Easy, Medium and Hard respectively. 60 seconds and 90 seconds have a check button too. Completing each difficulty rewards a token.


  • In the Tutorials, Ana explains Kat the Patchwork Rules and tells to the Player those Rules.
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