Pastoria City is a city in the Sinnoh region in the Pokémon series. It is a city located on the edge of the Great Marsh, a gigantic swamp that is home to unique species of Pokémon. The city was originally founded to protect the swamp from non controlled human influence and has since grown over the years.

Points of Interest

Pastoria Gym

Pastoria is home to one of the official Gyms of the Sinnoh league. The gym is a water themed gym that is basically an indoor swimming pool. The player is able to control the level of the water by using buttons and must use it to reach Crasher Wake, the Gym Leader. The Fen Badge and the TM55 (Brine) are the rewards for beating the Gym.

Scarf Guy

The Scarf Guy lives in Pastoria City, in the house nearest to the Route 213 exit. The Scarf Guy can check a Pokémon's condition to see if it is worthy of a Scarf. If the Pokémon's condition is at its maximum value in a certain area, he will give the corresponding Scarf to that Pokémon. The Scarf Guy lives with his sister and their Pachirisu.

Move Reminder

The Move Reminder is also found in Pastoria City. They can teach a Pokémon a move that he previously knew in exchange of a Heart Scale. This apply only to the moves a certain Pokémon can learn at previous level even if that specific Pokémon was never at that level.

Great Marsh

The Great Marsh is located north of the city. It contains Pokémon that cannot be found in other areas. It is filled with marshy areas, which are inhabited by wild Pokémon. The Great Marsh is also where is held the region's safari. For 500 Pokémon Dollar a trainer is given 30 Safari Balls and a limited amount of steps (500) to catch as many Pokémon as they can.

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