Passimian(JP) is a species of Pokémon of the series of the same name. It is a Fighting Pokémon introduced in the seventh generation in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It is exclusive to the Sun version.

Physiology and Behavior

Passimian resembles a lemur with a bulkier upper body. Its body has a mix of black and white fur with black on its hands, feet, tail, chest and shoulders and white on his lower body, arms and around its head. It has a white ring towards the end of its tail. It wears a berry helmet and the markings on its shoulders identify its troop.

Passimians live in troops of 20 to 30. The leader will take 10 of the individuals in the best condition to search for food. Additionally, the troop is forced through stressful training in teamwork and berry handling.They use berries as a common weapon. Sometimes, they pass berries around to bewilder opponents. The also use soft berries to blind opponents.



In-game Information

Pokédex Entries

Title Entry
Pokémon Sun They form groups of roughly 20 individuals. Their mutual bond is remarkable—they will never let down a comrade.
Pokémon Moon They battle with hard berries for weapons. Their techniques are passed from the boss to the group, generation upon generation.

Game Locations

Title Location(s)
Seventh Pokémon generation
Pokémon Sun
Lush Jungle
Pokémon Moon


Base Stats
HP 100
Attack 120
Defense 90
Sp. Attack 40
Sp. Defense 60
Speed 80
Total 490


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