Part Time UFO is a puzzle game developed by HAL Laboratory for mobile and the Nintendo Switch. The game is centered around controlling Jobski, a UFO, who is paid to do various odd jobs for the inhabitants of earth. The game was originally released on Mobile in early 2018, or late 2017 in Japan. It was later ported to the Nintendo Switch on October 28th, 2020 where it was published by Nintendo.


Jobski arrives on Earth and decides to help an old farmer who had his goods knocked out of his truck. The farmer is so impressed by Jobski's ability to transport heavy items that he explain to him the concept of getting paid for his work and gives him a pay. Jobski then starts to live on Earth and search for various odd jobs in order to gain money. The UFO takes more and more jobs until it culminates in a fight against hostile aliens on the Moon.


The gameplay is centered around Jobski's ability to grab items with its claw. The various levels of the game will give different puzzles to the player who must use the claw to pick up the various items presented to them and arrange them in a way that satisfy said objectives. Jobski is rewarded with money and completing objectives will raise that amount and award you with a medal. Said medals can unlock extras, which include special outfits. Jobski can spend his money on costume in Ankh's shop. The Nintendo Switch version adds new Achievements, Jobs, Co-op, and two new side modes Treasure Island and Tower to Infinity.


  • Jobski - The main character of Part Time UFO, he is an alien UFO who landed on Earth and discovered that he could be paid for his services. Since then, the UFO has started to live on Earth and find jobs in order to make money.
  • Ankh - The shop owner of the game, she mostly sell costumes to Jobski in exchange for his hard earned money. In the Switch port, she will also sell tickets to Treasure Island after clearing the main story.


The game was originally developed by HAL Egg. a subsidiary of HAL Laboratory focused on making Mobile games. The game released in Japan in November 14, 2017. The game was later released in the west on February 22, 2018. The game recieved an enhanced port on the Nintendo Switch, which released worldwide on October 28, 2020.