Parry is the Legendary Hero that the Hero is searching for and Mädchen's twin brother, he is also the grandson of Pankraz the father of the Hero. He is the only character who can equip the Zenthia equipment in Dragon Quest V.


Like most boys his age, he loves running around and exploring, loving to getting himself into adventures and eager to prove himself in the eyes of his Father and others. He is very physically active, often climbing the Gotha Castle walls and practicing his sword skills.

Compared to his sister, he has a very relaxed and easy going attitude, often liking to crack jokes and going off to explore, being excited by everything around him and being curious about the world. He does however have a great sense of justice, wishing to do right by the people he comes across. He is also very friendly and get's along with almost everyone and even considers being Kendrick's friend if not only out of pity. He is also very humble, as when people treat him with reverence due to the fact he is the Great Hero, he acts as if he is no better then them and does not care about the honor and the prestige that comes with the title.

He also has a more childish personality or even just being absent minded sometimes, ignoring the big picture presented to him or just not being able to follow what's going on around him, often being confused but non the less carries on and does his best to understand what's about to happen.

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