Parallel Nightmare is a character in the Kirby series who debuted as the main antagonist of Super Kirby Clash. He is the parallel counterpart of Nightmare.

Kirby series

Super Kirby Clash

After clearing some quests, Team Kirby hears rumors of a strange caped man causing troubles. They arrives at the ruins where they fight and defeat the wizard who manages to run away. After mistaking Parallel Nightmare with Taranza, they finally encounter the wizard at the Empyrean and forcing him to flee once more.

After defeating Landia EX and Parallel Susie, they finally encounters the wizard on the Decisive Battlefield. This time however, Parallel Nightmare decides to open a dimensional rift to summon King D-Mind as a way to get rid of Team Kirby. King D-Mind immediatly turn against Parallel Nightmare and thwack him away with his hammer before facing Team Kirby. King D-Mind is then promply defeated by the team.

After a few days of peace, Parallel Nightmare came back and started summoning monsters again. Team Kirby suspecting that Parallel Nightmare was behind this set out to find and defeat him once again. After clearing more quests, they come across the Dreamscape, where Parallel Nightmare happens to be. After defeating President Parallel Susie, they finally come across parallel Nightmare who was scarred by King D-Mind. He faces Team kirby and looses once again. However, Parallel Nightmare rises back up from below, and as a last resort, opens a portal and summons the Aeon Hero. Parallel Nightmare's laugh at Team Kirby's impending doom before being immediatly destroyed by the Aeon Hero. Parallel Nightmare is fought one last time by Team Kirby in the Decisive Battlefield.


Announcement - Super Kirby Clash

"Where there's trouble, you can count on this caped villain to appear. Fight your way through this ordeal to reveal his true form!"

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