Parallel Kracko is a boss in Kirby Star Allies. He is encountered in the sub-game Heroes In Another Dimension. He is the second boss of the mode, and is Kracko's stronger form from that game.


Parallel Kracko greatly resembles his normal counterpart, but his body is pitch-black. His first form portrays him as Parallel Twin Kracko, and in this form, the boss has a duplicate and they share their health bar. After they are defeated, Parallel Kracko and his clone fuse to form Parallel Big Kracko, whose size is more than match to the original's.


During his first phase, Parallel Kracko fights with a duplicate by his side. Known as Parallel Twin Kracko, they can create massive downpours, launch lightning, use the original Kracko's Star Revolution, and summon Waddle Doos and Chillies, which give Beam and Ice, respectively. Once their combined health bar is drained by 8000 (For this measurement, a Star Bullet deals 520 damage. They have 6000 in the boss rush.), Parallel Kracko and his duplicate fuse together, turning Parallel Kracko into Parallel Big Kracko.

Now so huge that his name has changed to Parallel Big Kracko, Parallel Kracko continues fighting. His health bar now measures 14400 (10800 in the boss rush. For reference, a star bullet deals 520 damage.). His attacks are largely the same, but there are two new attacks in Parallel Kracko's arsenal. One attack is a variant of Pon and Con's Bomb Drop and another involves a gust of wind pushing away as small clouds drop lightning. Once his stamina bar is drained, Parallel Kracko's body explodes. In the boss rush, he can be fought only at the highest level, 9.


  • Phase 1: "All worlds—whether in another dimension or some far-flung galaxy—are bound by earth and sky. And where there is sky, there is Kracko! Made of fallen tears and the scattered mists of his enemies, Kracko roars with dark power."
  • Phase 2: "How do you defeat that which is ethereal? Reborn from pure hate and the terrible power of a jet-black sky, Kracko lives again! Tasked with keeping the gate, Kracko is bigger, badder, and more dangerous than ever. Be warned..."
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