Panel de Pon (パネルでポン, Paneru de Pon) is a Super Famicom video game released in October of 1995.

A reskin with characters from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island replacing the Panel de Pon cast was released a year later. This version was titled Tetris Attack in North America and Europe while it was titled Yoshi no Panepon and BS Yoshi no Panepon in Japan.


Panel de Pon is the first video game part of the Puzzle League series. In it, the player is required to face off against either one computer controlled character or one other person. Each person has an equally measured playing field that will gradually start to fill with multi colored blocks, each with a different shape in the center of it (such as a Star for the yellow blocks and a heart for the red ones). The goal of the game is to alter the block's position so that three of similarly colored blocks will be placed by one another, thus depleting them from your box and ranking up your score. Any of the blocks that were placed above the blocks that were just destroyed will fall and take their place.

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