Palm Shore as it appears in Mario Kart DS.

Palm Shore is a battle course in Mario Kart DS, which has a resemblance to Sunshine Isles and Cheep Cheep Beach, by being carried out in a set of small islands. The course contains no obstacles, having just a palm tree on one of the islands and surrounded by a shallow sea. The tide tends to change considerably the course; the water rises and falls every few seconds, flooding the center of the course. If racers run into deeper waters, their karts will slow down drastically, open for a potential opponent's attack. Many Item Boxes are just located in the center of the course. If racers run into dark blue water area, they will stop and get picked up by Lakitu and brought back to the course, losing one balloon (in Balloon Battle) or Shine Sprite (in Shine Runners). The Mission 4-2 takes place here. Yoshi must blast 20 crabs in two minutes, using only Green Shells, Triple Green Shells and Bob-ombs.

Appearance in Mario Kart 7

Palm Shore reappears in Mario Kart 7 as a retro battle course. The course now offers water terrain which uses the propeller. This is the only battle course to use underwater features. Also, in the game, there are three palm trees instead of one and all of the item boxes can be found at the center island instead of them being spread out all over the stage. Some Sidesteppers have also been added to the stage. When players go outside of the island, they can drive a small portion of the stage under water, something which was not included in Mario Kart DS.

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