Pair Up is Robin's Final Smash.

Robin Final Smash SSBU.gif


Robin summons Chrom through a warp circle. Chrom will travel a set distance from where he is summoned (a little less than half the length of Final Destination), and swipe at the first opponent in his path. If he misses, the Final Smash will fail. When he does catch at least one opponent, Chrom's critical hit portrait from Fire Emblem Awakening appears as he yells "On my mark!". Once an opponent is caught, the two unleash their attacks: Chrom with the Falchion, and Robin circling the unfortunate foe while unleashing Bolganone and Thunder, assailing the opponent multiple times. Finally, just as Robin shouts out the name of their spell followed by Chrom yelling "We're not done yet!" the two strike the opponent(s) at the same time, rocketing the foe(s) to the ground and rebounding towards the upper blast line.

This attack ends up dealing 45% damage - 5% with the initial strike, 26% for the flurry of attacks (13 strikes at 2% damage each), and 14% for the finishing strike. The knockback from the final blow cannot be teched. It can KO an opponent with at least 45% damage under average circumstances. The move elevates Robin and Chrom to the highest point on the stage and always takes place in the center of the stage, except for stages that can cause an OHKO due to the map having a central pit (like Gaur Plain). On stages with a high upper platform such as 75m and Boxing Ring, it is essentially a guaranteed OHKO because the opponent is brought up to the top platform, very close to the stage boundary.

Successfully using the Final Smash will restore Robin's Levin Sword and all his tomes to full durability.

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