Paint Roller is a character featured in the Kirby series, first appearing in Kirby's Adventure for the NES. He was a boss of this game and its remake and also appeared in a Kirby Canvas Curse mini game. He's a tiny character who, at all times, rides on roller skates. His magical paintbrush allows him to draw enemies to fight Kirby in the second world of Adventure. In all, there are eight different enemy types that Paint Roller will create, all of which Kirby can inhale and earn their special ability. Interestingly, one of the enemies Paint Roller will draw is an imitation of Kirby, though this particular enemy is relatively simple to defeat compared to the other enemies he'll draw, and is basically a change of appearance for a Waddle Dee.

Canvas Curse

In Kirby Canvas Curse for the Nintendo DS, Paint Roller will, as aforementioned, appear in a mini game. In the mini game (which is titled "Paint Panic!"), Paint Roller will draw an image, and Kirby will quickly have to imitate it by connecting the dots using the DS's touch screen in the same order of Paint Roller.

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