Paint Kirby

Artwork of Paint Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Paint Kirby is one of Kirby's copy abilities and has so far only appeared in Kirby Super Star, its remake Kirby Super Star Ultra, and in the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. The Artist Ability in Kirby Star Allies can be viewed as a successor to this ability.


Paint Kirby is a one time use ability that does damage to all of the enemies on scree, similar to abilities like Crash and Cook. If it is used on Heavy Lobster, it paints over his eyes, rendering him blind and unable to target Kirby as well. If it is used on Chameleo Arm, it re-colors him, turning him visible if used when he's invisible.

How to activate

  • Inhaling Heavy Lobster's paint blobs.
  • Inhaling Chameleo Arm's paint blobs.
  • Inhaling Marx Soul's paint attack.

In the anime

Paint Kirby is used when Kirby fights Paint Roller, then inhales his paint brush and starts to draw things that come to Life. Kirby is wearing roller skates in the anime, unlike the games.

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