Pac-Man World 2  is a 3D Platformer that was developed and published by Namco and stars their mascot Pac-Man. It was released in 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance.



Pac-Man World 2 is a fairly linear 3D Platformer. There are several collectible fruits with Pac-Pellets acting like coins. Pac-Man gains several abilities to help him maneuver and defeat enemies. Ghosts require Power Pellets to defeat.


  • Pac-Village
    • Pac-Village
    • Spooky*
  • Forest
    • The Bear Basics
    • Canyon Chaos
    • Pac-Dot Pond
    • Blinky's Frog
  • Tree Tops
    • B-Doing Woods
    • Treewood Forest
    • Butane Pain
    • Inky's Blade-o-Matic
  • Snow Mountains
    • Ice River Run
    • Avalanche Alley
    • Blade Mountain
    • Pinky's Revenge
  • Lava
    • Into The Volcano
    • Volcanic Panic
    • Magma Opus
    • Clyde in the Caldera
  • Ocean
    • Scuba Duba
    • Shark Attack
    • Yellow Pac-Marine
    • Whale on a Sub
  • Ghost Island
    • Haunted Boardwalk
    • Night Crawling
    • Ghost Bayou

Pac-Man VS.



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