Pac-Land is a scrolling stage in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U based on the Pac-Man game, Pac-Land. It is unlocked by playing all 3 maps of Smash Tour.

Stage Elements

The stage scrolls horizontal through Pac-Man's hometown. The players travel through the town level, the bridge level, the mountain level and then into the fairy world after which starts the trip back. After returning, a new cycle starts faster and a different colored background (which resets after the 5th time around). The characters are rendered in 2D like Flat Zone.

The buildings can be stand atop for platforms in the first part. The hydrants fire water to push back players it comes in contact. In the bridge portion, there are some pits and the water jets can harm the players. The mountain portion has the players cross gaps by jumping across log platforms that can fall if one stays on too long. One thing to consider is that no edge is grabable so, falling into pits are tougher to recover from.


Wii U

  • PAC-MAN (Club Mix)
  • Namco Arcade '80s Retro Medley 1
  • Namco Arcade '80s Retro Medley 2
  • Libble Rabble Retro Medley
  • Sky Kid Retro Medley
  • Metro-Cross Retro Medley
  • Yokai Dochuki Retro Medley
  • Bravoman Retro Medley


The stage is a straight rip of the original Pac-Land arcade game. In this game, Pac-Man is traveling to meet with the Queen Fairy where he would get rewarded with the shoes. The game's six stages are represented in this stage the same way as the game.

The first Arcade medley cover the following games: GalagaNew Rally-XMappyDig DugThe Tower of Druaga. The second Arcade Medley covers the following games:The Return of Ishtar, Dragon Spirit, Wonder Momo, Legend of Valkyrie, Thunder Ceptor.


  • The fire hydrants can cause a Super Mushroom effect if items are on and the player walks into it for a couple seconds.
  • This is the only stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U that has both Star and Screen KOs disabled.