Overcooked! is a multiplayer puzzle action game where players have to prepare specific meals for customers. The Switch version was released in July 2017 with the subtitle, Special Edition, which includes all the game's expansions and support for HD Rumble. Team17 later released the game at retail in February 2018.


The players take the role of chefs preparing and serving meals and cleaning up after. The players can orders on a queue with each one required to be completed with a time window. Since multiple orders are given at a time, players need to cooperate to prepare all the orders and cleans the dishes inbetween meals. Making meals quicker will earn the player bonus coins while missed orders will cost them. Players are scored based on how many Coins they earned on a 3 star scale.

The game also supports a competitive multiplayer mode on top of the cooperative mode which pits 2 teams of chefs against each other for the higher score at the end of a shift. The game also supports special single-player controls where the player can control a pair of chefs either by alternating or set controls that they work in parallel.


Several kitchens introduce stages hazards which inhibit players from doing certain actions. In total, there are 48 kitchen layouts.


Overcooked! received "generally favorable" reviews from critics according to Metacritic with a current Metascore of 77/100.

While the game was generally received well, some criticized the port at launch for having a poor framerate.

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