Oswin​ is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is a Knight of house Ostia and is sent by Lord Uther, Marquess Ostia, to accompany Hector and to keep an eye on him as he goes out to investigate the disappearance of Elbert, Eliwood's father.


Oswin was the one receiving all messages from house Ostia including the one that announced the death of Uther which he refrained from delivering to Hector in accord with Uther's dying wish. This was to prevent Hector from wanting to return home. Therefore, Oswin took Uther's dying wish above his duties, but it is noticed at many occasions throughout the game that Oswin's loyalty to house Ostia is unwavering.

In a support conversation between Oswin and Dorcas, Oswin tells Dorcas that he sees potential for a knight in him and encourages him to become a knight of house Ostia, though Dorcas kindly declines since he only fights for the sake of his wife Natalie. Additionally, this support chain reveals that despite his high position in the Ostian military, Oswin is not noble-born, so he worked his way to the top.

In his supports with Priscilla, it is revealed that he used to work as one of the vassals for House Cornwell, therefore he witnessed its decline and fall but was unable to do anything.

If he gets A level supports with Serra, it's shown that she looks up to him and craves for his praise, being completely devastated when he reprehends her and she mistakenly thinks he hates her. Their shared ending states that they got together after the war, despite the huge age difference and their clashing personalities.

It is unknown if Oswin participated in the War on Bern or even if he lived to see such a day.

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