Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan is a Nintendo DS video game released exclusively in Japan. While the game was never released in America or Europe, the developers (iNiS) recreated the game, changed the characters, songs, and situations, and released it in America and Europe under the name of Elite Beat Agents. A sequel to Ouendan, which was also only released in Japan, was made called Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.


In the game, a troubled character will call a cheer squad who'll arrive after the character shouts "Ouendan". The cheer squad's main goal is to make everything better through the power of dance. When the cheer squad arrives, no questions are asked and the dancing starts automatically, which is accompanied by licensed music. The story unfolds on the top screen while the gameplay is reduced to the DS's touch screen.

Being a rhythm game, you are tasked with tapping and performing a variety of other actions at the right moment. Hit markers are the most common feature in the game. They'll appear on screen and a circle will appear on the outsides and start to enclose on the middle. The moment it hits the middle the player is required to tap it. The hit markers go inline with the beat of the music, and as the player progresses through the game the amount of hit markers at once will greatly rise, requiring you to tap one right after the other. Other features include phrase markers, which will have you tracing a line on the set path, and spin markers which will have you drawing a circle on the touch screen.

Level Plots

Name Song and Original Artist Cover Artist Plot
Aim For Examination Success! Escape the Life of a Ronin! Asian Kung-Fu Generation-Loop & Loop Kyōya Asada A ronin named Tsuyoshi Hanada is studying to get into college, but he is unable to due to his loud family. Tsuyoshi calls the Ouendan to help him study.
Will Junior Turn his Face Toward Her!? Morning Musume-Koi no Dance Site Kaoru Kubota, Fumio Kobayashi, Yūko Yajima, Mari Nabatame, and Akina Okabayashi An office worker named Sachiko Yamagata is planning to attend a party. Junior, one of her co-workers, whom she has a crush on, will also be there. Junior has many fans in the office, and three of them give all of their work to Sachiko. Sachiko calls the Ouendan to help her finish her work before the party starts.
Will he Become a Dark Horse!? The Great Thief Chase! Ulfuls-Guts da ze!! Hiroaki Takeuchi A racehorse named Biridon is in one of his races. If he loses the race, he retires, as he has only won once out of 49 races. Suddenly, a thief speeds onto the track on his motorcycle. The race announcer calls the Ouendan to help Biridon catch the thief.
It's Summertime! It's a Festival! The Mikoshi Race Makes the Man! 175R-Melody No cover artist A mikoshi rider named Shin tells his girlfriend Shizu, another mikoshi rider, that if he wins the mikoshi race, he will propose to her. However, Shizu's father, the leader of Shizu's group, taunts Shin, as he believes Shin will lose. Shin doesn't lose hope, but his mikoshi group abandons him. Shin calls the Ouendan to help him win the mikoshi race.
Carry it to the Extreme! My Ramen Method! The Blue Hearts-Linda Linda Daisaku Shimada A ramen shop owner named Yasushi Tanaka (nicknamed Yan Tao) is struggling from a lack of customers. When the door opens, he believes it to be a customer, but it's actually a stray cat, which pees on the floor. Yan Tao calls the Ouendan to help his ramen shop succeed.
Get Rid of the Slump! Will the Fine Arts Explode!? nobodyknows+-Kokoro Odoru Bugashman, Cantaman, Moss, Mouse-P, and Sausen A potter named Shizuyama Kazebayashi is unable to come up with any new ideas. His assistant tells him that his exhibition is in a month. Shizuyama calls the Ouendan to help him create a new piece of pottery.
The Hard Struggle of a Hot-Blooded Teacher! Students, Be Pure, Be Righteous, Be Beautiful! B'z-Atsuki Kodō no Hate Tetsushi Kimura At the Kiyotatsu all Girl's Academy, a new teacher named Hiroshi Mizutani starts his first day as a homeroom teacher. However, his students won't stop talking, even when he demands they be quiet. Hiroshi calls the Ouendan to help him win the support of his students.
Strike Him Down! The Dodgeball Showdown of Love! Tomoyasu Hotei-Thrill Hiroaki Takeuchi An elementary school student named Torao asks a girl named Wakana to hang out with him. However, another student named Ryu Ryuuji intervines and claims Torao is not worthy to hang out with Wakana. Ryu makes a deal. Whoever wins in a dodgeball match between Torao and Ryu gets to hang out with Wakana. Torao calls the Ouendan to help him win the dodgeball match. Shizuyama Kazebayashi from the sixth level cameos.
Go Through Justice! The Battle of Purity is in Who's Hands!? Road of Major-Taisetsu na Mono NoB A politician named Eisaku Iijima is running for mayor. He announces his plans, but the crowd doesn't care. When his opponent, named J-Yama K-Go appears, the crowd loves him. Eisaku calls the Ouendan to help him be elected mayor.
Take it Back! The Miracle Beauty! Linda Yamamoto-Neraiuchi Kaoru Kubota In Ancient Egypt, a pharaoh known as Cleopatra receives a letter from her lover, Marc Anthony, announcing his arrival in ten days. Cleopatra believes if she doesn't lose weight by Marc's appearance, he will not love her anymore. Cleopatra demands that pyramids be built in those ten days. When a slave tells her it's impossible, she calls the Ouendan to help the slaves build a pyramid to slim her down.
Stop the Villainous Germs! Endure and Escape it With a Scream! Kishidan-One Night Carnival Kei Imai A violinist named Kouji Sugiyama is sick. He drinks some medicine, but the pain from the sickness comes back. Inside his body, the good germs from the medicine are fighting the bad germs. Kouji calls the Ouendan to help get rid of his illness so he can perform.
Put it into the Soul! Give the Miracle of Love to her! Hitomi Yaida-Over the Distance Ayako Kawajima At the gates of Heaven, a man named Tetsu Ishida, who died in a motorcycle crash, tries to repel the angels holding him. When one of the angels asks him what's wrong, he tells her that he had gotten into a fight with his wife Ryouko before his death, and he wants to make it up to her and tell her he loves her. The angel grants his request, but Tetsu only has three hours to do so. This level is notable for being the "sad level" of this game, and starting a trend of having one sad level that would continue into Elite Beat Agents and Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.
Monster Invasion! Stand Up, Our Salary-MAN! The Yellow Monkey-Taiyō ga Moeteiru Mitsuru Yanagisako A man named Ichirou Tamura, who is disliked by everybody, including his company, wife, and daughter, thinks about the days of his youth, when he wanted to be a hero. Suddenly, a giant mouse monster appears, holding Ami, Ichirou's daughter. Ichirou calls the Ouendan to help him defeat the mouse monster and save his daughter.
Protect the Peace! Robots vs. Policemen! Orange Range-Shanghai Honey Bugashman, Cantaman, Moss, Mouse-P, Sausen, mimi, and Akasanajar A couple of police officers named Dan and Joe are bored because nothing ever happens when they're on patrol. When they hear a shout for help, they leap into action, but to their surprise, the reason for the scream was a giant UFO. The UFO dispenses robots, which start attacking people. Dan and Joe call the Ouendan to help them defeat the robots.
~Earth's Final Day~ Concentrate! Combine the Screams of the World into One Now! L'Arc-en-Ciel-Ready Steady Go Tstsushi Kimura Across the world, people are panicking. People in New York City and Paris look up into the sky and are shocked by what they see. In Tokyo, at Yan Tao's (fifth level) ramen shop, which is currently serving Tsuyoshi (first level), Sachiko (second level), and Hiroshi (seventh level), large vibrations shake everything. Yasushi turns the TV on to calm everyone down, but on the TV is a newscaster, announcing that a giant meteor is headed towards Earth. Everybody is afraid, but in Japan, the Ouendan appear and tell the people to combine their power. Yan Tao, his cat, Tsuyoshi, Sachiko, and Hiroshi are inspired. They also inspire (in order of inspiration) Shizuyama and his assistant (sixth level), Torao and Wakana (eighth level), Ichirou and Ami (thirteenth level), Dan and Joe (fourteenth level), Eisaku and his supporters (ninth level), Shin, Shizu, and their newborn (fourth level). Characters from every other level appear (Cleopatra, Marc, and the slaves appear in a vision at the end). Due to the power of the people's cheers, the meteorite strike is prevented, and the Earth is saved from destruction.
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