Osfala is a character in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He is a headstrong young man and Sahasrahla's apprentice. He is a descendant of the original Seven Sages who gets kidnapped by Yuga.


After coming to the conclusion that Yuga is after the descendants of the Seven Sages, with the intention of freeing Ganon, Sahasrahla asks Link to warn his pupil Osfala, a descendant of the of the Seven Sages, about the sorcerer's plot. Outside the palace's entrance, the young hero encounters Osfala, who recognizes Link as the blacksmith's apprentice and asks him why he is at the Eastern Palace. The young hero proceeds to inform Osfala about Yuga and the events that recently occurred within the Sanctuary, warning the young man about the peril he's in. However, Osfala doesn't believe he's in danger, stating that although Yuga is a cause of concern, his master shouldn't be worried about him because he's a desendant of the Seven Sages. In addition, he tells Link that he's also wielding a Sand Rod, so he's almost invincible. He then enters the Eastern Palace, stating that he'll get to the bottom of all this Yuga nonsense. When Osfala enters the Eastern Palace, Link hears a scream. When the end of the dungeon is reached, Link was already too late as he is turned into a painting by Yuga because he is one of the sages. Link engages in battle with Yuga to rescue Osfala and Seres.

Later, Yuga uses the Seven Sages' powers to resurrect Ganon from darkness and fuses with the Demon King. Afterwards, Link discovers his painting in Thieves' Town, he is shown it by the Thief Girl after Link defeats Stalblind inside the Thieves' Hideout. When Osfala appears in the Chamber of Sages he is surprised because he believed he would be the Hero of the Age. Even though he is disappointed, he wishes Link good luck for the rest of his quest. He then has the Sand Rod returned to Ravio's Shop, where Link can now rent or buy it.

Once all of the Seven Sages are rescued from Lorule's seven dungeons, Osfala and the other six sages use their power to summon the Triforce of Courage so Link could defeat Yuga Ganon.

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