Orochi (JP) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation ​paths.


Born to a noble house in Hoshido, Orochi's parents once worked in the castle as imperial Diviners. According to Orochi, her parents were not well-respected owing to the unpredictability of the fortunes that they told; just as they were able to determine good fortunes, there was also a chance for them to descry bad ones. Despite the ominous reputation that her family was branded with, Orochi was bequeathed a tremendous display of kindness by Mikoto when she made the controversial decision to hire her as a personal retainer.

Known to be best friends with Kagero since childhood, Orochi first met her when she went to gather herbs near Kagero's home and accidentally dropped her basket into a river. The two ended up falling into the river trying to retrieve the basket, and they have remained close compatriots ever since.

Some time before the events of Fates, Orochi had a vision that Mikoto would die in a future incident. Although not very clear on the circumstances revolving around her liege's impending death, she warned her of the danger presented to her life nevertheless. Despite this, Orochi is unable to avert the tragedy that will take place in Chapter 5.