Oren is a Zora introduced in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. She is the ruler of the River Zora population living in Hyrule and is one of the Seven Sages.


Oren is the Queen of the Zoras and resides in Zora's Domain, where she is served by the Zora Underlings. She is also one of the Seven Sages, although whether she was originally aware of this is unclear. When Link first encounters Oren, she is stuck in a bloated state because the Shady Guy stole her Smooth Gem. Once Link returns the Smooth Gem to her pool, she returns to normal and gives the young hero the Zora's Flippers as a sign of her gratitude, though she warns him that the Zoras living in the rivers and lakes are highly territorial.

After Link obtains the Pendant of Wisdom from within the House of Gales, a Zora Underling will tell him about how Oren left him behind while they were swimming together, not knowing that she was actually turned into a Painting by Yuga and kidnapped as part of a plan to resurrect Ganon. After Yuga merges with Ganon, her portrait is hidden within Lorule's Swamp Palace. Upon being rescued, Oren thanks Link, before asking him to rescue the remaining Sages. If she is the final Sage to be rescued, Oren announces that Link has earned the Triforce of Courage, before all of the Sages combine their power to grant it to the young hero. Oren then expresses her undying gratitude, claiming that Link is one of the very best among his kind, but reminds the young hero that he must still defeat Yuga so that she may return to the Zoras.

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