Oreburgh City is located in the Sinnoh region. The most notable aspect of this city is that it's a mining city. In all, there are seventeen separate buildings, with ten of them being ones you can enter. Oreburgh City is where the first gym in the game is, which consists of rock and ground type Pokémon trainers. The gym leader of the Oreburgh City Gym is Roark, and to get to him, you'll either have to fight two other trainers or go around them.

Another notable place in Oreburgh City is the Oreburgh Mining Museum which is placed in the upper right corner of the city.

In the upper left corner of the city is a building with a woman (on the second floor) who will give you a free Dusk Ball, a ball that works great in caves, dungeons, and dark areas. In the building right next to it will be a person who will want to trade an Abra for a Machop. In the same building, a man on the second floor will give you a free Heal Ball if you show him a Zubat. In the lower right building near the Pokémon center is a boy who will give you a Great Ball, which has a better chance of catching Pokémon than a regular Poké Ball.

Places of interest

Oreburgh Mining Museum

Oreburgh Mine

Oreburgh Gym

In-game trade

Important residents

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