Ordon Spring

Ordon Spring in Twilight Princess.

The Ordon Spring is a loacation in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

In the first cutscene, you are sitting with your father at the Ordon Spring. After the cutscene, you appear in your house.

When you go back, Ilia is cleaning Epona. She makes you promise not to push Epona too much- even though you have to ride her all throughout Hyrule. Later, you have to go to Ordon Village, and go to Fado, who is in the barn across the village. You use your horse to gather up a bunch of steers.
Goat Herding

Herding the steers.

When you get back, you see Ilia with her father. When she sees you and Epona, she looks at Epona's legs.

Epona's legs have grown MUSCLE- OH NO! She thinks that Epona has been injured, so she takes her to the Ordon Spring to heal Epona. You must crawl in if you want to get Epona back. When you get in, Ilia decides that the injury wasn't very effective. Soon, a King Bulblin comes and knocks Link out. In the cutscene, the King Bulblin takes Ilia. Pretty Ironic, huh? Almost all springs in the game are based on healing, and Link gets knocked out. Well, that was the Ordon Spring.

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