An orbitfly.

Orbitflies are rare enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They appear only in Space Land, as they are space-dwelling creatures. Their first apperance in in the Steller Way level, and after that they only appear in one more level - Outer Rings.

It is possible that Orbitflies are related to the Buttonfly, or Buttonbee. They may be Buttonbees that have evolved to live in space habitats.


Orbitflies are made out of a single button, just like the Buttonfly. They are light, ghostly-blue buttons with two transparent wings, and two blue antennae. They have two darker-blue stripes on their backs that are the stitches in the button, and they appear to have a see-through stinger.


Orbitflies only appear when Kirby (and/or Prince Fluff) are in Rocket form. Attacking the Rocket consists of simply flying into it. They don't fly solo, however, and form colonies that fly towards the rocket. One shot from the Rocket kills them, so they are very easy to defeat.

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