Orbital Gate Assault is a stage for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U based on Star Fox: Assault.

Stage Elements

This is a travelling stage. It starts on the Great Fox, but soon transitions to one of the Aparoid Missiles. The missile flies towards to the Orbital Gate where it starts to damage it. Soon enough, Arwings will come destroying the Missile causing the fighters to fall and forced to jump onto the set of 3 Arwings. The Arwings eventually drop you onto another Missile where they soon destroy coming from the right side of the screen.


This is the music that plays on this stage. The bolded indicates it must be unlocked while italics indicate it is from a previous game in the series:

  • Theme from Area 6/Missile Slipstream
  • Star Wolf's Theme/Sector Z
  • Cornelia (Melee)
  • Main Theme (Star Fox 64)
  • Area 6
  • Space Battleground
  • Break: Through the Ice
  • Star Wolf (Star Fox Assault)
  • Tunnel Theme (X-Scape)


The stage originates from Mission 8 of Star Fox: Assault where Team Star Fox has to defend the Orbital Gate from the aparoid attacks so they can go to the Aparoid homeworld. While the Great Fox isn't that notably present in the level, the Arwings, Aparoid Missiles, tunnel in the Orbital Gate and the various UI elements are derived from the level.


  • Like other Star Fox stages, Players can tune into Star Fox's conversation. However, unlike the other instances, this requires neither Star Fox character to be on the stage
  • This is the second stage based on Star Fox: Assault with the other being Lylat Cruise.
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