Orange bulborb

Picture of one in Pikmin 2.

The Orange Bulborb is a carnivorous creature from the Pikmin series. It is a species of Bulborb that is a light sleeper. It is commonly found with groups of Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, which will wake it up if they are killed nearby.


This species of Bulborb is commonly found sleeping in locations with less light. It however will sense Pikmin attacking much quicker than other Bulborb. It also can tell when a captain gets nearby. This species is slightly more bulky and with go out farther to make sure there aren't any enemies.


In Pikmin 2, he can defeated like other Bulborbs. Having Pikmin charge its back while sleeping will likely kill it assuming there are enough Pikmin. Purple Pikmin can stun it and one White Pikmin can kill it if consumed. If he is awake, throwing Pikmin on his back is effective but, it is more alert than other Bulborb so, it will not be as easy to get around.

In Pikmin 3, he can be killed fairly easily if Pikmin are thrown on his eyes like other Bulborb. Explosives work as well.


Pikmin 2


Pikmin 3


Piklopedia entry

"Orange Bulborb Oculus kageyamii orangium Grub-dog family"

Olimar's notes

"This Bulborb species boasts a garish color pattern, with deep orange body and black spots. The orange Bulborb's yellow, bloodshot eyes make it clear that this grub-dog is excessively edgy and high-strung, making it much easier to wake from deep sleep than other species in the Bulborb family."

Louie's notes

"This bulborb's meaty flanks make for salaciously savory steaks that shouldn't be missed."


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