Ophelia ​is one of the playable characters from Fire Emblem Fates on the Conquest and Revelation ​paths.


Ophelia is the daughter of Odin. Like the other children in Fates, Ophelia was placed in the Deeprealms to protect her from the war.

In her Paralogue, Ophelia ventures out of the Deeprealms to the Ancient City seeking "The Super-Ultimate Tome" that she read about in her father's notebook. As fate would have it, she bumps into her father who had come to buy tomes from the city as well. Unfortunately, their reunion is cut short by bandits who are pillaging the village. Ophelia and Odin go off to confront them and eventually dispatch the bandits. After the battle, Odin informs Ophelia that the tome she was seeking did not exist. The notebook she had read was not a list of powerful tome, but rather, weapon names he created on his own. Though Ophelia is disappointed, Odin hands her a tome he had bought for her while they were in battle. Since the tome had no name to it, Odin tells Ophelia to give it one. Without a second to even think, Ophelia decides to name it Missiletainn, a name she saw in the margins of the last page of Odin's idea book. Even though the book said that the Missiletainn sword was a crummy weapon, Ophelia loved the name nonetheless. Odin admits that it is the only name he has ever given to a real weapon. Odin asks his daughter to join his army, a request Ophelia happily accepts and the two vow to walk forward together as the "chosen two".

In her A-support with her father, Ophelia shows Odin a peculiar mark on her arm that first appeared when she joined the army. Odin recognizes the mark as the Brand of the Exalt, but cannot tell her what it is due to his oath of secrecy when coming to the world of Fates. While Odin admits that the mark has no special powers, he tries his best to explain the significance of the brand, as it is a symbol of her heritage. Though Ophelia does not fully understand it, she is delighted to hear that her father has the mark as well. But seeing how much talking about it brought sorrow to him, she tells him to tell her about it later when he feels ready and hopefully when he can show her his own Brand.

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