A screenshot of Ooki.

Ookis are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They appear very early in the game, first in the Fountain Gardens level. Usually, they appear in forests, grassy levels, as they like to hang from branches.


Ookis heavily resemble monkeys and Waddle Doos, and they seem to be a mix of both. They have small round bodies that are light brown in color, and they have gigantic ears. They also have a long tail that they use to hang on to branches or ledges. Just like Waddle Doos, they have one big eye in the center of their bodies, although they do not use it to shot projectile like the Waddle Doos.


Ookis generally do not attack, and instead help Kirby. They usually throw beads, ranging from large to small at Kirby, and not even contact with them does any damage. There is one level, though (Whispy's Forest), that they are not docile like usual. They instead throw apples that hurt Kirby.

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