Onett is found as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, serving as Ness's homestage along with Fourside. In Brawl, it returns as one of the eleven Melee stages. The battle takes place around the Drugstore, with two random houses at the sides. There are no places to fall in this stage. After a caution sign appears for a brief moment, a car comes from the right side of the screen at a fast velocity, hitting any character standing in the street. The Runaway Five bus makes a cameo as one of those cars. In the background, many Onett buildings can be seen, and in the far background, the meteor, Giant Step, and Ness and Porky's houses are visible as well. When you fight Ness when you try to unlock him, you fight him in this stage.


  • One of the vans on the road reads "Runaway" when the game is paused.
  • The taxi's license plate reads "Onett".
  • Some random things in the background include a hospital, a baseball diamond, and a crane from Dusty Dunes Desert.
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