Omega Blitz is the Mii Brawler's Final Smash.

Mii Brawler Final Smash SSBU


When activated, the user uppercuts their opponent, sending them into the air while throwing multiple punches and kick combos, with a rising triple spin kick at the end. The Final Smash finishes with a strong impulsive chop that launches the foe downwards, dealing high knockback. This Final Smash is similar to several others that trap an opponent at the top-center of the screen while the user attacks, such as Pair Up, Great Aether, Secret Ninja Attack, and Omnislash. Like other trapping Final Smashes, it requires the initial kick to connect for the move to execute; otherwise, the move fails.

In Ultimate, the move has the same overall function, except that the initial attack is now an upwards-arcing heel kick along the ground, and the Brawler stays in one place while throwing multiple kicks and punches before performing two roundhouse kicks while moving above the opponents. The move then finishes with a strong downward punch instead of a chop.

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