Old King Coal

Old King Coal

Old King Coal is the second boss in Banjo-Tooie. He owns Chuffy the Train, which Banjo and Kazooie can use to travel from world to world. The two go into the boiler room and see a strange lump of coal. Kazooie suggests theres a Jiggy under there, when Old King Coal jumps up. Banjo and Kazooie ask if they can use his train, he then screams no. Kazooie then says that hes supposed to be a merry old sole, and then Old King Coal says "Who, me? No, but youll soon be feelign my merry old sole on the top of your puny little heads!"

The battle, unlike other boss fights, has a time limit. His health is 50.

Old King Coal loses parts of his body in between this battle. He loses his first arm, then he loses the other, then he loses his top half completely.

When defeated, King Coal tells them that they can use his train.


  • 1: Run around, and when he hits Banjo, Banjo loses health
  • 2: Raise the heat in the boiler room, making fumes come up, and an air meter appear. If the air meter runs out, Banjo dies.
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