Oka is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. She is Riki's wife. She can be found in Frontier Village at Riki's House between from 9:00 to 18:00, pacing back and forth and watching her children. Oka and Riki have eleven children together. This number include their daughter Nene, and their adoptive son, Kino.

She does not seem to think too highly of Riki, and even goes so far as to threaten divorce if Riki does not make enough money to clear his debts and improve their standard of living. She is said to have quite a temper as well, during a quest, Riki tells Dabidabi that Oka was so furious with him for asking her to marry him that she slapped him, although still said yes.


Riki's return

She is present in only one cutscene, in which she is introduced; after the defeats of the Leone Telethia that has been menacing the safety of Makna Forest and returns of the party to Frontier Village, Oka and her children come to greet Riki with Chief Dunga and some other Nopon. Chief Dunga tells Riki of another prophecy (that he just made up), that he should accompany the party further, and Oka assures Riki that he knows best.


She is mentioned in the epilogue; Reyn points out that she will be angry if Riki does not bring back enough fish to feed their children, meaning that she survived the destruction of the Mechonis and the Bionis


  • An interesting tidbit about Oka is that in the cutscene which she appears, her mouth does not move when she speaks. This likely was unintended, yet not fixed for the 3DS port.
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