Oifey ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. An experienced tactician who takes after his grandfather Lord Sesar, he initially serves Sigurd as an adviser throughout the game's first generation. In the second generation, he acts as a guardian to Sigurd's son, Seliph. He carries the blood of Crusader Baldur, so he is a distant relative of Sigurd and Seliph.


Oifey is fourteen years old at the beginning of the game. When Grannvale is suddenly invaded by Verdane, Oifey asks Sigurd if he can fight alongside him and the other knights still residing in Chalphy. Once he is told that he is too young for warfare, Oifey convinces Sigurd to allow him to act as an adviser instead. He continues to assume this role until the capture of Lubeck Castle in Chapter 5, when he is asked to escape with an infant Seliph. He also convinces Sigurd to let Shannan accompany him, stating that his presence would put him more at ease in Isaach, whose people are hostile to those from Grannvale. Before he leaves, he forces Sigurd to make a promise to come for him once the war is over. However, this is never fulfilled due to the events of the Battle of Belhalla.

With the help of Shannan and Edain, he raises Seliph and the other younger initial members of the Liberation Army in secret for the next seventeen years. He also teaches swordplay to Diarmuid\Tristan. He is accompanied by Shannan and the two of them travel to Isaach, where they remain in hiding for the next seventeen years. During this time, he learns about Sigurd's demise and begins to feel shame for leaving his side. Before the second generation begins, he leaves the Liberation Army's hideout in Tirnanog along with Diarmuid/Tristan and Lester/Deimne to witness the situation of the other countries on Jugdral. When they return, they find Seliph, Larcei\Creidne, Ulster\Dalvin, and Lana\Muirne in battle against the army of Danan, the tyrannical ruler of Isaach. From that point on, he fights alongside Seliph to liberate the continent from the Grannvale Empire. In Chapter 7, he can give training advice to Diarmuid/Tristan. If he is paired up with Fee, they will have a lover conversation in the Final Chapter.

In the ending, Oifey reveals that he was orphaned and taken in by Sigurd, who was like a brother to him. He also expresses his shame for not being with Sigurd during his final moments and cries in front of Seliph. After this, he returns to Chalphy to become its next duke, as he is the only descendant of Baldur who can assume this position.

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