The Odyssey is Mario's airship and main method of transport in the game Super Mario Odyssey. It resembles a short red top hat with golden propellers that protrude from the bottom of the ship when starting up on the outside and on the inside it has a white and gold color scheme with three windows, some chairs and a table, a pair of shelves at the back, a small hat-shaped wardrobe and a mirror. The exterior is also decorated with a globe, a Checkpoint Flag and a tall red flag at the back. The door that leads to the Odyssey requires Mario to throw Cappy at it to open; the player can also enter the interior using the exhaust pipe like a Warp Pipe, or by ground-pounding the panel on top of the ship. Throwing Cappy on the globe adds the current amount of Power Moons in Mario's possession to the ship and it allows Mario to select another kingdom to travel to afterwards. While flying between kingdoms, before the player completes the game, Cappy provides an overview for one of Mario's skills that can also be accessed at any given time in the Action Guide.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Odyssey is featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an advanced support Support.

No. Image Name Class Slot Cost Ability Acquisition
Super Mario Odyssey - The Odyssey
The Odyssey ★★ 1 Strong-Wind Resist
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