Odama is an innovative video game for the GameCube that fuses pinball mechanics and real-time tactics together to make a unique video game. It was created by game developer Yoot Saito. The game comes packaged with a GameCube mic that was also included with Mario Party 6. Using the mic, the player will tell his army where to go while at the same time controlling the flippers to hit the "Great Ball" to flatten the opposing army.


The goal of each stage is to make your army take the bell from the bottom and bring it to the top. The opposing army will use all of their power to stop you from doing so. Members of your army that aren't bringing the bell to the top can fight the other army, though your most powerful weapon is the Odama, literally meaning Great Ball. The Odama is a huge rock ball that is controlled in a similar manner to how you would control a pinball. Two flippers are at the bottom of each stage, and once the ball comes down you'll use the flippers to make it go back up, piling through every creature in its way, including your own allies which causes it to become a double edged sword of sorts if you're not careful. There are multiple ways to loose. Running out of time and running out of Odamas will cause the player to get a gameover, as will having the crew carrying the bell get stuck behind the flippers.

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