Link playing Oath to Order.

Oath to Order is a song in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64. Link, the game's protagonist, will learn Oath to Order after he saves the first of the Four Giants, though it won't come into play until after the fourth one is saved. Link will be required to play Oath to Order at the end of the third day on top of the Clock Tower in Clock Town. Slowly and eerily the four red giants will start to creep out from their resting places, tower over Clock Town, and halt the progress of the Moon which Skull Kid sent hurling down to the planet. Following this Link will have to battle Majora's Mask inside the Moon. To play Oath to Order on the Ocarina, the player will have to press the following button: right, down, A, down, right, up.

Oath to Order was one of the eleven songs that were beautifully orchestrated in the Majora's Mask official soundtrack.

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