Notte is a character from Dragalia Lost.

Physical Appearance[]

Notte is a faerie with pink hair with flowers and feathers and blue eyes. She wears a white and green dress and green shoes. Her wings are a light gold color.

Official Description[]

A mysterious faerie the twins met when they were young. The three of them promised each other they would overcome any hardships together, an oath that Notte takes quite seriously. Her bright, sunny personality can easily raise any group's spirits.

Official Description (Gala Notte)[]

Gala Notte DL

Gala Notte

Notte awakens to her true power as a faerie, enabling her to change size at will. No longer a tiny being in need of protection, she now fights on the front lines to protect the ones she loves most.

Official Description (Kimono Notte)[]

Your girl Notte is looking mighty sassy in her New Year's kimono, and she's planning on trying new things and making wonderful memories with her friends this year. She even has a new kimono for her grown-up self!

Adventurer Stories[]


Adventurer Stories

Kimono Notte[]

Adventurer Stories

Official Profile[]

Posted by the Dragalia Lost Twitter account on April 4, 2022.[1]

  • Hobbies: Drinking nectar
  • Talents: Sleeping on Euden's head
  • Likes: Berries
  • Dislikes: Seeing her friends sad