Nortern Kremisphere is a mainland located in the south near of Donkey Kong Island forming part of the greater chain of DK Isles. Despite of name, mainland is inhabited by Bears that are spread in all locations.


Opposed to DK Island's jungle, Northern Kremisphere is more rich in ecosystem including: lakes, flowers, forests, waterfalls, bays, beaches, glacial hills, rocky cliffs and jungles. Due to Kremlings remnants invasion, build industrial bases completely vile consisting factories and pipelines.


During the events of the third game, Dixie Kong travels across the Northern Kremisphere lands with the help of her cousin Kiddy Kong using Funky Kong's vehicles to sail over the waters for search the DK and Diddy that they were missing for two days. Northern Kremisphere was dominated by Kremling Krew remnants following the Crocodile Isle destruction. The duo defeats K. Rool and rescues the land's denizens.


Donkey Kong Country 3

Donkey Kong Land 3


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