Northern Cave is a downloadable stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate based on the final battle and ending of Final Fantasy VII, to which Masahiro Sakurai called it "unavoidable". It is bundled with Sephiroth as part of Challenger Pack 8.

Stage Overview

The stage has two platforms on each side and are consisted of glowing square rocks, based on Dissidia Final Fantasy. It starts at the Promised Land, and then descends into the Northern Cave which resembled a volcano. It was caused by Sephiroth's Meteor power. Upon entering, a Highwind, in its second form, flies by. Another elements from Dissidia Final Fantasy is a remnant of a place where the Jenova SYNTHESIS boss fight took place as the stage continually descends down the Cave. Next, Holy in its sealed form is shown, which then begins to deplete. The stage moves away from the explosion as the Highwind also flies off. A glimpse of the Meteor is shown when Holy tried to stop it, but was unable to. The Highwind, now in its third form, flies off. The Lifestream flows through and assist in the Meteor's stopping before the background screen goes blank white.

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