Norion is a planet featured in the Wii video game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is the first planet that bounty hunter Samus Aran will travel to in the video game, not including the GFS Olympus - which rather than a planet is a Galactic Federation ship.

If there are any inhabitants of the planet, they're not known. However, the Galactic Federation has a rather large base featured on Norion, which during the game is being attacked by the Space Pirates.


Unlike Bryyo and Elysia, two other planets in the game, not much is actually known about the planet. However, during the game, the Space Pirates raid the Galactic Federation's base along with their most notable member Ridley. At the very end of this, a meteor composed of Phazon, known as a Leviathan, is about to smash the planet. Samus, along with some fellow bounty hunters, Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda, manage to get to the top of the tower where they'll be able to destroy it, only to be attacked by Dark Samus. After she leaves, Samus manages to activate the laser just in time to destroy the oncoming meteor.

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