Nook's Homes is a shop that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a shop for home expansions and customization. It is managed by Tom Nook. It also appeared in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer as the workplace of the player. The store is typically open from 10AM to 6PM


New Leaf

The store is managed by Tom Nook, who handles expansions and customizations of the players house. After the player pays of their first home loan, they will receive an introductory letter to the Happy Home Academy and Lyle will set up his desk on the left of the shop. He is the town's representative for the HHA and will give you your homes HHA score each day. Digby also works for Nook's Homes but at the Happy Home Showcase.

Happy Home Designer

The player works at Nook's Homes in Happy Home Designer as a home designer alongside Digby, Lottie, Lyle and Tom Nook. Digby is the Head Of Community Services and helps the player when wanting to remodel facilities they have already built. Lottie doubles as a home designer alongside the player and the receptionist for Nook's Homes. Lyle is a senior home designer and helps the player with the amiibo phone. Much like the previous entry in the series, Tom Nook is the manager of the store.



Once the player's house has been built and they have paid of their initial loan,they will be able to talk to Tom Nook in Nooks Homes to expand their home.Tom Nook can add a: left room, right room, back room, basement room and a second floor room. Each of these rooms can be upgraded from 4x4 to 6x6 and then to 8x8.

Upgrade Size Loan Cost
Tent 4x4 10,000 bells
House 4x4 39,800 bells
Main Room Upgrade 1 6x6 98,000 bells
Main Room Upgrade 2 8x8 198,000 bells
Second Floor 4x4 298,000 bells
Second Floor 1 6x6 498,000 bells
Second Floor 2 8x8 598,000 bells
Left Room 4x4 348,000 bells
Left Room 1 6x6 498,000 bells
Left Room 2 8x8 598,000 bells
Back Room 4x4 348,000 bells
Back Room 1 6x6 498,000 bells
Back Room 2 8x8 598,000 bells
Right Room 4x4 348,000 bells
Right Room 1 6x6 498,000 bells
Right Room 2 8x8 598,000 bells
Basement 4x4 428,000 bells
Basement 1 6x6 498,000 bells
Basement 2 8x8 598,000 bells
TOTAL FOR ALL UPGRADES 7,595,800 bells


Happy Home Academy


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