Nohr (JP) is a country in Fire Emblem Fates, being the western half of the continent beyond the Bottomless Canyon. This nation was founded for the Dusk Dragon as opposed to Dawn Dragon of Hoshido.


The nation is located West of Hoshido and North of Nestra. Its founders were followers of the Dusk Dragon who gave them its blood to harness the power of Dragon's Vein and its resources. Nohr suffers from poor weather resulting in only hardy crops surviving and poor yields. Most of the time the skies are deeply overcast and stormy though it is occasionally sunny. Its capital is the city of Windmire, with the royal residence of Castle Krakenburg at its center. Due to the harsh climate and eroding law, most residents stay indoors or underground.

Nohr is home to at least two types of humanoids in addition to the human Nohrians, being the Ice Tribe and Wolfskin. Additionally, Wyverns are only natively found in Nohr.





Notable Residents



  • Nohr is a corruption of noir, a French word for black, which reflects the kingdom's aesthetic.
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