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The following is a list of Nintendo's franchises.

Major Nintendo franchises[]

Other series owned by Nintendo[]

Single Entry[]

Nintendo owns parts of the content, but does not own the franchise[]

Games which generally Nintendo developed or co-developed, but the trademarks from the franchise belong to another company. This means that some part of the content belongs to Nintendo, as the case of music from the Game Boy version of Tetris, or even characters such as Dr. Wright from SimCity. Both of these examples reappear in the Super Smash Bros. series, which means that Nintendo considers this part of content from its creations. Another more complex example is the Bayonetta series. Nintendo owns all content after the first game as well as the Japanese dub of said first game and has exclusive publishing rights on all these games as well. This is due to Nintendo being the company who funded the rest of the series after Sega, the original owner of the franchise, declined to fund and publish another Bayonetta game.