Nintendo manufactured many different types of board and classic games prior to entering the video game industry. This was brought on due to the success of Nintendo's toy and card line, Nintendo board games consist of original games, Western licenses, and classic games such as go, chess, and checkers.

The following are a list of known board games and classic games manufactured and produced by Nintendo.

Classic Games[]

Name Description
Chess and Checkers A game set that included chess and checkers (draughts in British English).
Domino: Le jeu de 28 dominoes A game of dominoes. The subtitle, which is in French, translates as "Game of 28 dominoes".
Dominoes A game of dominoes (not the same as the product above).
Go The classic game of Go was a particular favorite of Hiroshi Yamauchi's. Several variants of this game were produced by Nintendo.
Mahjong Several Mahjong variants were developed by Nintendo in Japan.
Shôgi Nintendo manufactured different Shôgi variants in Japan.
Socrates Chess A game of chess themed around the philosopher Socrates.
Yakuman Several Yakuman products were released by Nintendo, including a Yakuman Mat.

Board Games[]

Aieuo Game
Akakage Game
Auction Game
Casino Game
Challenge Game
Chinken Hakkuru Game
Custom 11
Custom 7
Daiya Game Chinese Checkers. Disney variants were released.
Destiny Game
Diamond Game
Disney 101 piki no Daikôshin A board game based on 101 Dalmatians.
Disney Board Game Delux
Disney Charm Game
Disney Daiya Game
Disney Family Game
Disney Game Ô sama no Tsutugi
Disney Happy Prince
Disney Kateiban
Disney Kateiban Deluxe
Disney Mickey Mouse no Bôken
Disney No Subarashii Iro no Sekai
Disney Peter Pan Game A board game based on the Peter Pan movie.
Disney Rocket Game
Disney Wanwan Game
Disney Yakyûban
Disneyland Game
Disneyland Otogi No Kuni Game
Dôbutsu Game
Donald Duck no Uchû Ryokô Game
Drive Game
Extra 4
Genkin Yusô Game
Handy Pack
Heike Monogatari Game
Indianapollis Up to four players tried to reach a finish line by spinning a wheel and gradually moving their pieces.
Jungle Game
Kamen No Ninja Akakage Game
Kogarashi Monjirô Game
Kunitori Gassen Game
Las Vegas Game
Mafia Game
Magic Roulette
Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi
My House Game
Napoleon Strategy game with checkers set up.
Naruheso Kun Game
Nihon Rettô Kaihatsu Game
Osomatsu-kun Game
Panda to asobô kateiban
Rocket Game
Roulette Several different Roulette games were released, some of which were sent to the United States.
Round Game Series Includes five different board games.
Sasuke Game
Scoop Action Game
Sekai Kankô Ryokô Game
Shopping Game
Sono Game A music game. Disney variants were released that featured 101 Dalmatians.
Star Tanjô Game
Stop! Nii Chan Game
Table Roulette Deluxe
The Sword in the Stone Based on the Disney animated film of the same name.
The World of Popular Games This Dice and Roulette set comes with dice, roulette balls, felt roulette playing mat, instructions, and mini poker chips. It comes in a wooden box that looks like two books together for shelf storage.
Thriller Game
Time Race Game
Twister Nintendo received the license to manufacture this game in Japan.
Uchû Ace Game
Ultraman Game
Ultra Q Game
Ultra Seven Game
Unmei Game Also known as Destiny Game, Unmei is similar to the Game of Life.
Unmei Game Deluxe Deluxe edition of Unmei Game.
Walt Disney Fantasy Land Game
Yakyû Game