Nintendo World Championships stage

Nintendo World Championships 2015 was a competition between the top scorers of competitions held in various Best Buy stores across the US, where they had to compete for the high score in the 3DS version of Ultimate NES Remix. The top score from each Best Buy location earns an on-stage spot in the Nintendo World Championships, which was held on Sunday, June 14 at the Microsoft Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, CA..


Prior to the show, Nintendo Treehouse took some time to show off a few games. They first showed a new level in Yoshi's Woolly World. Then, there was a special announcement by Shigesato Itoi, revealing EarthBound Beginnings, the localization of Mother, for the Wii U Virtual Console.


The competition was held on June 14 at 3pm PDT with the host Kevin Pereira. It was also commentated by Andre from Black Nerd Comedy, djWheat (and his son MiniWheat), and Justin Flynn


There were 16 players in these championships. These first 8 are the ones from the qualifiers

  • John G. - John Numbers
  • Jordan D. -JacksonBlackson
  • William H. - Packie
  • Timothy H. - TimZY88
  • Christopher B. -BSG4000
  • Michael S. - MadMage
  • Michael Y. - MrBlarney
  • Fernando T. - Fernsig01
  • Cosmo
  • Sinister1
  • TheMexicanRunner
  • Bananas
  • Essentia
  • Trihex
  • Jovenshire from Smosh Games
  • Arin Hanson from Game Grumps


During Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Reggie faced Hungrybox after calling him out last year. The match was commentated by special guest D1

On September 16, Disney XD aired the first part of the Championships. This part also contained additional interviews with the contestants.


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