Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition(JP) is a game for the Nintendo Switch that was released on July 18, 2024. It is based on the Nintendo World Championships, a series of events held by Nintendo. The game features a series of speed-running challenges based on 13 different Nintendo Entertainment System games. There is a total of 156 speed-running challenges in the game.


Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition focuses on players speedrunning certain objectives, known as Challenges, in Nintendo Entertainment System-era Nintendo video games, aiming to complete these tasks as fast as possible. Players are given specific grades for completing these Challenges based on how fast they completed them and are given coins to spend on unlocking new Challenges. Unlike the actual Nintendo World Championships 1990 or the Nintendo World Championships Remix mode within NES Remix, there is no mode within NES Edition that uses a points system over three games.


  • Speedrun Mode - Players have to speedrun specific Challenges as fast as possible on their own. Coins earned in the game can be used to unlock new Challenges to complete in this mode.
  • World Championships - Players speedrun five different Challenges consecutively, with the time spent on them being tallied and placed onto an online leaderboard. The World Championships mode consists of weekly Competitions, with the list of Challenges updated each week.
  • Survival Mode - In this battle royale style mode, the player faces the ghosts of players from all over the world in 3 rounds. At the end of each round, half of the players are eliminated. To qualify, the player must place in the top half of the leaderboard.
  • Party Mode - Up to 8 players in local multiplayer compete to see who can complete Challenges the fastest. Each player is given points after each Challenge (known in the mode as a Match) that are accumulated to determine a winner.

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Speed running challenges[]

There is a total of 156 speed-running challenges, across 13 Nintendo Entertainment System games.


On Metacritic, it has a weighted average score of 73 out of 100, based on 46 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".


  • On May 3, 2024, five days before the game was announced, ESRB's website accidentally leaked Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, adding it to their website early with an E rating for mild fantasy violence and in-game purposes.[1] The webpage was not taken down even after it was discovered.

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